Public Safety Services

  1. 911 / Central Dispatch

    Grand Traverse County 911/Central Dispatch is responsible for handling requests for law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies for the entire County of Grand Traverse as well as the City of Traverse City.

  2. Emergency Management & Homeland Security

    The Emergency Management & Homeland Security Department plans & coordinates for the safety of every resident, employee, & visitor in Grand Traverse County.

  3. Jail / Corrections Division

    The Grand Traverse County Correctional Facility is committed to the protection of the citizens of Grand Traverse County, by assuring the operational security of the facility, while providing safe, humane treatment of all persons housed within the facility, and providing opportunities for participation in programs which assist in providing skills for reentry as a citizen of this community.

  4. Sheriff's Office

    The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office provides the highest quality of public service and safety in order to preserve, protect, and defend the rights of the citizens and visitors of Grand Traverse County.